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July 29, 2020

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Picnic Flyer and Map 2023

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Celebrating our 48th Anniversary!

The Cleveland Stroke Club was founded in 1974 by William M. Pitts at Highland View Hospital.

Later that year, the Club became independent.  We are not associated with a hospital or any other organization.  We may be the longest standing independent stroke club in the country.

The mission of the Cleveland Stroke Club is to enhance the lives of stroke survivors and their families through support, fellowship and socialization, education and advocacy.

The Cleveland Stroke Club is a nonprofit organization that is tax exempt under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code and classified as a public charity.

CSC Brochure Updated 10/8/2022

Executive Director

Geri Pitts contact phone: 330-975-4320 and email:

********  June 2023 Calendar    *****************

Date      Meeting                         Time            Meeting Schedule 

6/1     Bingo                                        6:30–8:00       Every Thurs. on Zoom
6/7     Caregivers/Survivors            6:30–8:30      First Wed. in Person,
                                                                           Select Specialty, CLE, Fairhill Blvd.
6/7     Caregivers/Survivors              7:30–8:30     First Wed. on Zoom
6/8    Bingo                                       6:30–7:00     Every Thurs. on Zoom
6/13   Family Feud                            6:30–8:00      Second Tues. of Mo. on Zoom
6/15  Bingo                                       6:30-8:00      Every Thurs. on Zoom
6/20  Zoom Lunch                             Noon-2         Third Tues. on Zoom
6/21  Annual Picnic                         4:30-7:30         Picnic Flyer and Map 2023
6/22  Bingo                                       6:30–8:00     Every Thurs. on Zoom
6/27  Board Meeting                       4:00–5:00    Fourth Tues. on Zoom
6/28  Luncheon in-Person              11:30-2:00    Fourth Wed., In-Person
                                                                                Jack’s Deli & Restaurant
                                                                                link to Jack’s Deli
6/29    Bingo                                     6:30–8:00    Fourth Thursday in Zoom

2023 Meeting Calendar



Link to our Membership form 2022-2023

There are three types of membership, Caregiver, Survivor, and Supporter.

Any person who has had a stroke and their family member(s) are eligible for membership while others, such as friends and professionals, are eligible for Supporter membership. The annual dues are $8.00 per person. Membership application forms are available at each meeting or you may use the form provided here.  (Checks are to be made payable to Cleveland Stroke Club.)


See our calendar above for our meeting schedule.  We have many Zoom meetings.

We have two in-person meetings each month:

The first Wednesday of the month is the Caregiver & Survivor Meeting.  We Enjoy dinner at 6:30 ($8 per person) together.  Dinner is optional.  After dinner at 7:30 each group separates for their respective meeting.  Our meeting ends at 8:30.  The meeting is held at Select Medical Hospital (formerly Kindred), located at 11900 Fairhill Road, Cleveland OH 44120.  Meal reservations are requested — call Kay 440-449-3309 or Deb 440-944-6794.  See our schedule above.  Here is a map and more info about the meeting: Link: Map to Select Specialty Specialty Hospital and Meeting Details

The third Wednesday of the month meeting is our General Meeting.  Our meetings are held at Disciples Christian Church, 3663 Mayfield Road, Cleveland Hts. 44121.  This is a dinner meeting ($8 per person) or you can bring your own dinner.  We eat at 6:30 and after dinner (at 7:30) a guest speaker will present information relevant to caregivers and survivors of stroke.  Meal reservations are requested—call Kay 440-449-3309 or Deb 440-944-6794.  See our schedule above. 

Members from the community are always welcome to attend.


If you or a member of your family has had a stroke, we invite you to visit our meetings at anytime.  To make a meal reservation for our meetings, call Kay (440-449-3309) or Deb (440-944-6794).


We want to thank these organizations for hosting our meetings for many years.  We are very appreciative.

Select Medical (formerly Kindred Hospital)   To learn more about them, go to :

Disciples Christian Church   To learn more about them, go to:

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