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The Cleveland Stroke Club was founded in 1974 by William M. Pitts at Highland View Hospital.

The mission of the Cleveland Stroke Club is to enhance the lives of stroke survivors and their families through support, fellowship and socialization, education and advocacy.


  • Provide a supportive nurturing environment
  • Promote recovery
  • Enhance communication
  • Provide socialization and education
  • Participate in community outreach to promote community awareness
  • Provide information on community resources.
  • Share self-help techniques and coping strategies with caregivers and stroke survivors
  • To give and receive support and encouragement from other members


After a wonderful group discussion here is a draft of how the Survivors see our Club:

We are a self-help group, we come together as survivors and caregivers of stroke, and which means we are all in this together.  We continue to thrive and share with one another, as we adapt and change in our daily lives.

Every stroke is a brain injury, every brain injury is not a stroke; however we think any person, any age, with any type of neurological brain challenge is invited and encouraged to visit and join us for a support group meeting.

We have been in existence for 42 years and are not affiliated with any health system.  All are welcome to share each other’s company.– Chris Vuyancih, President 2015-2017



From Linda D.

From Linda D.

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