Stroke Information

40.  New COVID Information about blood vessels: 

39. Stroke has a new indicator indicator: 

38.  Making Accessible Dining, Hotel, Car, and Travel Reservations Making Accessible Dining, Hotel, Car, and Travel Reservations and Recommendations

37. Petal Wheelchair:  Full Page Mobility for All     Full Page Specs + Features (1)

36.  Ellen Richman’s suggestions for plane travel and going on a cruise:   Cruising after a Stroke

35. Benefits of Exercise:

34. Artificial Neuron Implants:

33. Stem Cell Therapy:

32. Drug Therapy:

31. Deena and Brians article in PD 7_16_17

30.  Video about Stroke Rehabilitation by PT Researcher by Dr. Lara Boyd.

29.  Tips for Stroke Survivors:  How to manage everyday tasks easier.  Stroke Survivor Every Day Tips Feb 7_6_2017

28.  Palm or forehead…. The cyborg touch: try it, you’ll like it.

27. “How One Mother Discovered the App That Changed Her Disabled Daughter’s Life”, by Ellen Seidman. Women’s Day:  May 22nd

26.  Anti-inflammatory drug gives hope of brain repair after stroke  

25. Randy Travis sings again 3 years after his stroke.  Click Here

24. Katie May Autopsy   Click here

23.  Flyer for New Hand Study at Cleveland State Univ.  Click Here for More Information.

22.  Ultrasound Triggers Brain Function in Comatose Man    Click here

21.  New Brain Map Identifies 97 Unknown Regions 

20.  How to Survive a Heart Attack 

19.  Stanford Stroke Study: New Stem Cell Research Reverses Stroke Symptoms in Some Cases 

18.  Applications for RTA Services for persons with disabilities:

Fixed Route Application for persons with disabilities for regular RTA Service: 

Paratransit Service – Origin to Destination – door to door service (Currently $2.25 one-way) 

17.  New Stroke Research: The brain may be able to repair itself — with help

16.  Stroke Connections: Raising the Voices of Young Survivors

15.  Household Tips for Persons with Low Vision 

14.  Stroke that is caused by neck manipulation (including Chiropractic) or injury is called:  Vertebral Artery Dissection (VAD) VAD Flyer  VAD Brochure (outside)  VAD Brochure (inside)

13.  A Stroke, A Coma, A Revelation: How a Quadriplegic Man Helped Pioneer His Own Life-Changing Robot   

12.  A New Method of Stroke Detection:–%20ScienceDaily%29 

11.  Add Your Story

10.  Berenice Kleiman, “Fun in the Sun, Travel Tips for Persons with Disabilities”   

9.  Huffington Post Yoga Article, An Interview with Char Grossman  

8.  Our_Amazingly_Plastic Brains_WSJ  

7. Stroke Survivors_How to Manage the HC System  

6.  NE Ohio Stroke Resources 09_15_2020 NEW-UPDATED

5.  Stroke Survivors: Every Day Tips  

4.  Web Videos About Stroke   

iHOPE is a series of webinars and Ask the Experts Q&A sessions led by topic experts on stroke recovery issues and produced by the National Stroke Association. The program is designed for an individual experience—learn at your own pace and gain specific knowledge for personal needs.

Berenice E. Kleiman who is the author of ONE STROKE, TWO SURVIVORS and LESSONS LEARNED:  STROKE RECOVERY FROM A CAREGIVER’S PERSPECTIVE, both published by the Cleveland Clinic Press and a long-time member of the Cleveland Stroke Club has written and narrated two videos:  Time Management and Goal Setting for Caregivers.  There are many other videos also on the site that may be of interest:  Depression, Nutrition, Pain, Vision, Fatigue, etc.

3. The Caregivers Silent Prayer

What Happens When the Caregiver Gets Sick,  Submitted to National Stroke Association,  January 22, 2013.By:  Berenice E. Kleiman is a long-time member of the Cleveland Stroke Club.

2. “Whispering stroke” symptoms may damage health, lower quality of life
People who have stroke-like symptoms but no stroke diagnosis incur physical and mental damage that significantly lowers their quality of life, according to a report in Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association.

1. Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics
A Report From the American Heart Association Statistics Committee and Stroke Statistics Subcommittee

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