Young Survivors

We are here to support you as well! With history comes a special understanding of the needs of survivors who had a stroke at a young age.  Contact me, Chris, at:

A Little About Me

Although it has been many years since I suffered a massive stroke when I was 27; early on I could not speak, walk or write.  I had left-side weakness, and balance issues.  After I regained functional skills and I “looked OK”, I experienced many other unseen limitations.  Since suffering a stroke is a brain injury there are many residuals after physical function is healed or in the process of being healed.

One suggestion, right off the cuff would be to check out and join the Young Stroke Survivors page  Young Stroke Survivor FB.  To be able to read like-stories and share ideas is hugely comforting to me.  I encourage you to check it out.

About This Initiative

To be completely honest, I will be creating this group as I go along.


I need your suggestions also?  What would you like to see?

I have met some young stroke survivors all with various limitations–physical and invisible…and am in contact with them as well.  Maybe we can meet at a central location?  We have a list of restaurants that are handicap accessible and can take reservations for large groups.  Please drop me a note about you.

Geri Pitts & Linda Davis

Letter of Endorsement by Geri Pitts, CSC Exec. Director

Letter of Endorsement by Linda Davis, CSC President

Letter of Support of a Young Survivor Initiative



Our group met for the first time on Nov. 6, 2017 at Bahama Breeze.  Here is a pic.







Here are pics of some of our young survivors (members who have not retired AND members who had a stroke when they were young) and their BFFs.

(To enlarge:  select a picture and follow the arrows.)

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