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To view:  click on the newsletter title.  
To make the type larger: hold down the CTRL key and tap the “+” (plus sign) until it is as large as you want.  
To make the type smaller:  use the CTRL “-” (minus sign).  
To print or save the newsletter:  right click on the newsletter and select “save as” or “print.”  
Or wave your mouse over the lower right hand of the screen and use the buttons.  
Or CTRL “s” (save) or CTRL “p” (print) will work.  
Then select the printer or directory that you want to use.  Enjoy.  

ReFocus December 2017     December 2017

ReFocus Nov 2017     Nov. Calendar

ReFocus Oct. 2017   Oct. Calendar   Talent Night Flier

ReFocus Sept. 2017       Sept. Calendar     Anniv. Pics.

ReFocus August 2017      August 2017

ReFocus July 2017        July Calendar     Picnic Pics

ReFocus June 2017    Picnic Flyer    June Calendar

ReFocus May 2017         May Calendar

ReFocus April 2017   Membership Renewal  April Calendar

ReFocus March 2017               March Calendar

ReFocus February 2017          February Calendar

ReFocus January 2017

2017 Calendar

ReFocus December 2016 

ReFocus November 2016

ReFocus October 2016

ReFocus September 2016

ReFocus August 2016

ReFocus July 2016

ReFocus June 2016

ReFocus May 2016

ReFocus April 2016

ReFocus March 2016

ReFocus February 2016

ReFocus January 2016

ReFocus December 2015

ReFocus November 2015

ReFocus October 2015

ReFocus September 2015

ReFocus August 2015

ReFocus July 2015

Refocus June 2015 includes Picnic Flyer & Anniversary Dinner Flyer

ReFocus May 2015 includes Membership Renewal Form and Picnic Flyer

ReFocus April 2015

ReFocus March 2015

ReFocus February 2015

ReFocus January 2015

ReFocus December 2014

ReFocus November 2014

ReFocus October 2014

ReFocus September 2014

ReFocus August 2014 (inc. Anniversary Dinner Reservation Form)

ReFocus July 2014

ReFocus June 2014        

ReFocus May 2014

ReFocus April 2014

ReFocus March 2014

ReFocus February 2014

ReFocus January 2014

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